Welcome To Krabi Sea Cruise

Krabi Sea Cruise by Srisupai Tour a Luxury Sunset Private or Public tours and spectacular sunset views with B.B.Q seafood and Thai buffet dinner. We have amazing sunset dinner cruise along Andaman Ocean by ancient beautifully-decorated junk boat and romantic islands. Such beautiful Krabi Chicken Island, Poda Island Pot Garden Island Garden Island enjoy with drink and food of Thailand and friendly service from us.


  • Toilet & Bathroom
  • Natural wooden floor
  • Life jackets
  • Indoor seat
  • Outdoor seat
  • Soft drink & Beer Available

History of Cruise :

Brig (Junk) that resembles a ship. Stern and bow outstretched feature a low-hanging leaf type with a disc (or bone), which resembles a huge blow. The leaves are hung with Chinese vessels of various kinds in Southeast Asia. But some ships sailing with the engine not to use the boat leaves the other hanging type set. (Lower edge of the side fasten the base of the pole) is a type of sailing vessel sailing with three or more masts with square-rigged foremast and fore and aft only. (Rear pillar) rigged fore and aft. Maritime trade routes of Ayutthaya, Siam or Thailand sent chinaware sold to the Malaya. The Philippines, Indonesia and the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, chinaware as the Portuguese, who was the first to arrive at Siam Ayutthaya, about 500 years ago. We are love to keep the story of jurney on this cruise and we make this cruise to recapture of the stories.

Your Benefit

Friendly 100%
Best Value 100%
Laxury Trip 100%
Enjoyable 100%